As we tinker in the backend connecting all the nodes, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for visiting this space.

If you haven't physically visited THiNKSPOT in 2022, we invite you to come up? out? to see and feel what we've been up to these past "few" years especially since we are nestled in beautiful Lowville, Ontario and in the heart of Walt Rickli's Garden of Sculptures & Curiosities.

THiNKSPOT's origin story is focused on shifting the way people think, the way we work together and perhaps most importantly these days the way we come together. When you connect all the various intricate pieces of the puzzle – the people, the process, and the place – you flow into this “sweet spot” to collaborate, think creatively, and find solutions to complex problems.

Connect today to schedule your 20 minute discovery session or book your next extraordinary meeting or gathering with us.

THiNKSPOT Burlington

(at the heart of Walt Rickli's Garden of Sculptures & Curiosities)

6210 Lowville Park Road

Burlington, ON, Canada L7P 0A8

t. 905.484.1670  e.

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