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At THiNKSPOT, we're passionate about cultivating a community that connects and grows together. From our equinox to the solstice experiences, our space invites people to come together and experience something new.


Whether you're here for a meeting or one of our community events, you'll find a warm and welcoming atmosphere that fosters unity and inclusion.

Summer Solstice 2023

The Lowville Festival and THiNKSPOT invited the community to gather and celebrate the Summer Solstice through dancing, drumming and dreaming.  It was a riveting experience hosted by Gary Diggins and the Bhadra Collective in Walt Rickli's Sculpture Garden.


Spring Equinox 2023

Our first co-creation with the incredible Sandbox Sisters was a full day of programming starting with a rejuvenating morning walk in Lowville park, an afternoon hike in the beautiful Bruce Trail and culminating into a powerful ceremony to honour the balance that the Spring Equinox represents.


End of Summer Team Gathering

THiNKSPOT was the perfect space for a local software company to host an all day team building experience where their community of programmers, sales force and leadership team connected in person for the first time since the pandemic. It was an overwhelming success!

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